Interested in becoming a Trimmed barber?

Join our exclusive team today. We provide you with customers, higher earnings and your very own mobile barbershop. Our barbers love it, are you ready to join them?

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5+ hour shifts
Shifts available 7 days a week.
Flexible work hours
Full compensation for travel time and no shows.
Opportunity for career growth as part of a Black owned startup.

Earn more Money

We offer full time and part time work within Oakland. Our barbers earn on average 30% more.

Why Get Involved?

TRIMMED provides you with a fully insured custom mobile barbershop, and supplies you with bookings. Ensuring you have time to focus on being the best barber you can be.

Additional Benefits

We offer a unique working environment that our barbers love. We offer three shift patterns to suit weekday barbers, evening barbers and weekend barbers. As a member of the team, you will be paid for your shift rather than waiting for customers to come through the door.