In today’s fast-paced world consumers DEMAND convenience. Accordingly, almost every product and service on the market today is fully accessible on-demand — except barbering. Yes, there are some services that connect mobile barbers with customers.

We are TRIMMED, Oakland's first mobile barbershop. We take the style to you.

How it began...

...as I struggled with this question, I headed to the barbershop for my weekly haircut. I arrived promptly for my 2 o’clock appointment and watched in frustration as my barber welcomed a new client into his chair. I sunk into my seat and prepared to wait. As my frustration subsided, I looked around the shop and saw almost a dozen people waiting. I quickly estimated the amount of time each person would have to wait, multiplied that by the service hours of the shop, and scaled that to the 60,000 barber shops across the United States. An extremely conservative estimate yielded that over 3 million hours are wasted waiting in barbershops every year. At that moment, the concept of Trimmed was born. An app-powered mobile barbershop in a van that would eliminate the travel and wait time associated with getting a haircut.

The Idea

Trimmed’s core service is a mobile barbershop in a van that will eliminate the travel and wait time associated with getting a haircut. Trimmed will provide this service by meeting clients at their home/office and events such as weddings, festivals, parks, concerts, food truck fairs, and more.

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